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Founded in 2004, Femjoy celebrates the art of the nude female form. With over 1,500 different models and more than 550,000 photos along with over 550 movies, this is one of the largest artistic nude websites out there. The idea is simple in concept, but not easy to pull off and Femjoy pulls it off very well. They find incredibly sexy women and have them pose nude in a variety of locations. One of my favorite scenes features a very hot, busty blonde named Corinna posing nude on the bow of a row boat out on a lake. From locations around the world to the intimate confines of these model's bedrooms, the locations and setups may change, but two things stays the same - the women are hot and the quality is out of this world. Femjoy works with some of the best directors and photographers in the business and they show their skills in these amazing scenes. The site updates at least twice per day and is hailed by many review sites as one of the best sites out there. It is very softcore with babes posing nude and doing some light touching, so don't come here expecting anything hardcore. For those that enjoy seeing beautiful naked women in striking and amazing locations, Femjoy will make you jump for joy.

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