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The founders of Babes set out to change the course of where porn was headed and did a fantastic job of doing just that. At the time the site was launched many sites were starting to move towards more extreme content. They wanted to see just how far they could push the boundaries which meant harder and harder hardcore action. Babes changed all of that. They reminded us that a good looking babe have erotic, passionate sex was what porn was all about. Their site is made up of just that. They get the hottest girls they can find and they pair them up with guys that they have chemistry with and let the good times roll. These couples (and sometimes FFM threesomes) have hot, passionate sex that can be intense, but is always erotic. It is about pleasing the girl as much as pleasing the guy and the results are scenes the jump of the screen and are a hell of a lot of fun to watch. They shoot in 1080p HD so the scenes look fantastic and all of the content is exclusive. When you join this site there are also four other exclusive sites included. If you prefer your porn more on the passionate side than the extreme side, Babes is the place to be.

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